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Indulge yourself in custom-made diamond jewellery
as unique as you are. With our unparalleled service,
you'll find that diamonds aren’t a woman’s only best friend.

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Affordable Luxury

Diamond For You sources our diamonds directly from producers to give you the best value for money. We specialise in working within your price range to help you realise your dream design.

Unparalleled Service

No pressure, no upselling and no price shocks. At Diamond For You, we believe in making customers, not a sale.
Be pampered by our private and personalised services. Our proprietor, Eileen Toh, will personally attend to you, from picking out the perfect diamond to the finished masterpiece, obligation-free.

Customised Jewellery

Create custom pieces that are truly one of a kind. From bespoke engagements rings to wearable works of art, showcase your individuality with Diamond For You’s exquisitely crafted jewellery. Discuss with us and we will turn your dreams into reality.

Diamond For You is wholly owned by Christophe Jewellery Pte Ltd.

A1-carat diamond, that sparkles brilliantly under light.
About us

Diamond For You is wholly owned by Christophe Jewellery Pte Ltd. We ensure that clients receive the best value for their money with authenticated diamonds. It's always about providing that personalised and exclusive service which many mass-market jewellery operations may not be able to accommodate for.

Learn what you should know before you begin shopping for your diamond.
How to Buy

Buying a diamond, which is a significant investment for most, can be both exhilarating and daunting at the same time. Learn more about these enduring gems here and see how our 4-step shopping can help you get what you want in no time.

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Authenticity Guaranteed

At Diamond For You, we only deal with certified diamonds, mainly GIA. This means that your diamonds are of highest standards of reliability, consistency and integrity. You can be assured of leaving with not just an exquisite piece of jewellery but also a peace of mind.

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Personal and Exclusive

Our private and personalised shopping service
ensures that you enjoy our fullest attention.