1. Product Availability and Pricing.
    Due to high turnover rates, the diamond you have reserved may sometimes not be available. In such a situation, we will endeavour to inform you at the nearest possible opportunity, and suggest the next nearest match to ensure your satisfaction. However, this does not exclude our obligations towards the availability of a product once we have accepted an order and its accompanying down payment.
  2. Payment and Collection
    Upon acceptance of an order and the collection of its accompanying down payment, the buyer would be deemed to have acquired the option to purchase the item that has been ordered, together with the specified setting, if applicable. However, if the buyer fails to collect the goods and make the full payment within 90 days of the scheduled collection date, the buyer would be considered to have given up on the right to exercise the purchase option. In such a case, the buyer's down payment will be forfeited and it would be automatically implied that the buyer has given up on the purchase. Consequently, Diamond For You reserves the right to sell the item to another buyer without obligations of recourse towards the first buyer whose option to purchase has lapsed.