There are 10 basic diamond shapes to choose from: Round, Princess, Cushion, Heart-shaped, Pear-shaped, Marquise, Radiant, Asscher, Emerald and Oval.

Read on to find out more about each shape and find the one matches your personality!

1. Round cut Diamond

Round cut - timelessThe Round cut diamond is one of the most popular diamond shapes used for engagement rings. Due to the brilliant cut this diamond has, it sparkles like no other.  This cut is versatile and timeless. Women who choose round diamonds would consider themselves classic, timeless and traditional.

2. Princess cut Diamond

Princess cut – modernThe Princess cut is the second most popular cut. This diamond cut has four corners, so prongs should always be set to protect it. These are always a good choice because of their versatility, making it easier to work with almost any type of style.

This is most suited for the women who are looking for a diamond with a traditional appeal, but with a modern twist.

3. Cushion cut Diamond

Cushion cut – sentimentalThe Cushion cut gives a vintage vibe with rounded corners and larger facets, giving the allusion of a pillow (hence the name “cushion”). As one of the most popular diamond shapes, this diamond gives off a feeling of elegance, romance and clarity.

This is for the woman that adores the antique look. She is sentimental and takes inspiration from periods in history.

4. Heart-shaped cut Diamond

Cushion cut – sentimentalThe most romantic cut is the Heart-shaped. It symbolizes everlasting love and is mostly given in yellow or pink diamonds.

Heart diamonds are one of a kind. Although used as a novelty more than for engagement rings, those who choose heart diamonds are to have something to symbolize their love. It can be a little difficult to execute, so make sure to examine the diamond for any flaws. This cut is the ultimate in feminine. This is for the woman who is precious and embodies youthful energy.

5. Pear cut Diamond

Pear cut – adventurousThis pear-shaped diamonds is more commonly known as the Pear cut diamond, it can provide a slimming look for wider fingers. Pear cut diamonds are shaped like teardrops; the diamond is a combination of a round and marquis shaped diamond with a narrow end point.

The diamond is worn by having the tapered end of the diamond towards the hand of the wearer. Women who enjoy wearing pear-shaped diamond consider themselves to be unique, fun and adventurous.

6. Marquise cut Diamond

Marquise cut – creativeThe Marquise cut is tapered with pointed ends. A great thing about this cut is that it can make a lower carat diamond look larger. The long shape of the diamond allows for fingers to look leaner.

This is for today’s woman that is edgy, different and creative. This woman likes to create a league of her own. She is different and unique. She does not like to live within the rules and dares to create her own standards.

7. Radiant cut Diamond

Radiant cut – elegantA Radiant cut is rarer than other diamond shapes. It has softened corners and the brilliance of a round cut. Although not commonly used, this diamond gives off a beautiful and elegant look because of its balance between a cushion cut and princess cut diamond.

This diamond cut is highly beautiful and elegant and those that choose it are traditionally fun, flirty and confident.

8. Asscher cut Diamond

Asscher cut – vintageThe asscher cut is very similar to the emerald cut; however it is a square cut instead of a rectangular.  This diamond produces more brilliance than an emerald diamond because of the larger step facets, a higher crown and smaller table.

Asscher diamonds used to only be found in vintage and antique shops because they were very popular in the 1920s, however they became increasingly popular again after Carrie Bradshaw modelled an asscher-cut diamond when she became shortly engaged to Aidan Shaw on Sex and the City.

Brides who choose asscher diamonds would describe themselves as being vintage, unique, feminine, and elegant.

9. Emerald cut Diamond

Emerald cut – glamThe Emerald cut is the rectangular version of the asscher. It has fewer facets or faces than most diamonds , and thus emphasizing the clarity of the diamond.

An Emerald diamond is very unique. Instead of giving off that brilliant cut effect, it produces a ‘hall-of-mirrors’, elegant and confident look. Many believe that this diamond resembles stair steps because of its rectangular shape and the lean facets down its side.

Women who choose Emerald diamonds would describe themselves as glamorous, confident, and open to taking risks. She has an architectural style in her dress and influences.

10. Oval Diamond

Oval cut – demureA classic yet edgy option is the Oval cut. It also has a slimming effect on the wearer’s hand.

Oval diamonds have an amazing brilliance to them. This shape is used a lot as a solitaire, especially amongst brides with smaller hands and shorter fingers. The oval shape of the diamond gives a longer illusion n to the hand, resulting in more slender-looking fingers.

Women who tend to like Oval diamonds would describe themselves as being creative, bold, innovative and unique.  This woman is original; she does not follow fads and trends. She is demure.

Our diamond jewellery experts are here to help you choose the diamond that best reflects the personality of your loved one. Whatever your style is, there is always a diamond shape you at Christophe Jewellery!

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