Have you ever walked into a jewellery store looking for a gift for a loved one or even a little something to pamper yourself with? And while looking, have you wished that you could just tweak the designs a little to make them look just the way you want it? You have a particular vision in your mind, but you just can’t seem to find it? We’ve all been there! So … why not start from scratch and customise your very own piece?

Although the art of jewellery making started eons ago, people have been intrigued by the continual discovery of new gems and stones. Thus, the necessity to display these has been increasing. It is now possible for almost anyone to own fine jewellery especially one set with diamonds.

At Christophe Jewellery, we create one-of-a-kind pieces customised to your unique individual style. We handcraft each design with exquisite care. Let us share with you our 10-step jewellery making process.

Step 1

Making an appointment

Make an apppointment with Christophe Jewellery by phone at 6270 7036 or email to to request for an appointment date.

Handshake between two people

Step 2


Upon meeting, custom design concepts will be discussed and sketched on paper. Budgets and quotes will also be discussed to ensure that customers are making informed choices. Depending on the complexity of the design, more time may be needed for the completion of your dream pieces. You may also be required to come for ring fitting in the case of wedding bands or very chunky rings.

Sketch of a dog pendant

Step 3


The very experienced craftsmen may offer 3-D drawings on the computer and you can come to confirm your design before it is printed out using a high-technology 3-D wax printer. The printed wax model is exactly the size and scale of the finished piece so that you have a good idea of what you can expect from the customised jewellery. Usually the wax model is carved by hand. Much skill and patience are required at this preliminary stage.

Sketch of a dog pendant and its wax model
Rings wax model

Step 4


Once the model is ready to be cast in precious metal of your choice, usually gold, white gold, rose gold, etc., it is sprued in place on the sprue base. The sprue is the channel that allows the metal to flow to from the form of the jewellery.

Melting gold pieces in a crucible to make them molten

Step 5


A vertical casting machine is spun at great speed. This produces a centrifugal pressure creating. This forces the molten metal into the crucible to fill the form of the model. At this stage, the jewellery will have taken its rough form.

Cast of dog pendant

Step 6

Cutting the sprue from the rough casting

The rough form is then taken out of the crucible. It is covered in plaster. Due to the cooling of the molten metal, the form will have a rough. The sprue is carefully cut off and the finishing begins.

Step 7

Finishing the rough casting and setting the rough stone

With the sprue and the extra unwanted metal cut off, the metal is filed, sanded and polished meticulously. After which, details like stones, i.e. diamonds and gems are set and engraved with great care and skill.

Placing the stones and engraving the ring

Step 8

Polishing the jewellery

The piece is polished to perfection for that smooth, shiny finish.

Diamond polisher

Step 9

Quality Control

No piece of jewellery leaves Christophe Jewellery without our extensive and careful quality check. Precision and exquisite craftsmanship is ensured.

Jewellery being checked to ensure quality

Step 10

Final Piece

Your one-of-a-kind piece is now ready to be worn and admired.

Emerald and Diamond ring
Finished dog pendant

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