Remember the 6.1-carat pink diamond that Jennifer Lopez collared from Harry Winston? How about Carrie Underwood flashing her huge five-plus carat, yellow diamond wedding ring? And Halle Berry’s 5.54 Carat pumpkin orange diamond at the Oscars to match her beautiful apricot dress?

It’s evident that coloured diamonds have gained popularity in recent years. The colour of a diamond is a primary quality factor, alongside the other 3Cs – claritycarat, and cut.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) lists 27 different hues for natural-coloured diamonds. This variety of hues allows jewellers to match with what’s in vogue, much like how the fashion industry mixes and matches different colours to set the trend for a new season.

Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds are the most desired coloured diamonds. The symbolic essence of the yellow colour is warmth and cheerfulness. They come in a variety of colours, from the warm brown yellow to the fiery orangey yellow. Yellow diamonds are often called Canary diamond. These are the purest yellow diamonds with strong colour saturation.

Canary Yellow Diamonds are the most popular of all the diamond colors. Earrings in platinum with yellow diamonds

Pink Diamonds

A pink diamond is one of the rarest diamonds in the world. Without a doubt, it is the most sought after coloured diamond and is highly prized. Pink diamonds range from pure pink to combinations like orangey pink, purplish pink and brownish pink. These fashionable pink-coloured diamonds are representative of creativity, passion, love, and romance.

The pink diamond is said to be the stone of creative expression. Tickle your fiancée with this pink rosy pink diamond engagement ring.

Blue Diamonds

Blue diamonds symbolise loyalty, trust, and wisdom. The shades range from pure blue to colours such as greenish blue and grey blue. Their popularity is constantly on the rise. There are many famous rare blue diamonds including the Regent (Faint Blue), Hope, Wittelsbach, Sultan of Morocco (Greyish Blue), Blue Heart, Heart of Eternity and the Transvaal Blue.

Add a pop of color with blue diamond jewellery.

Purple Diamonds

Purple or violet coloured diamonds represent luxury, nobility, and spirituality. In fact, this colour was largely regarded as the colour of royalty. The colour intensities of purple diamonds vary from pale lavender to a greyish violet to an vivid pinkish orchid. There have been very few major purple diamond discoveries. The largest ever known to exist is the 7.34-carat Royal Purple Heart Diamond, which was cut into a perfect heart shape.

Brighten your style with a purple diamond.

Green Diamonds

Green diamonds are a symbol of growth, health, hope, and generosity. They are among the rarest diamonds on earth, getting their colour from natural radiation.

The intensity ranges from faint green to intense and vivid green. Among the common and popular colours, you’ll find the gorgeous bluish green and lively yellowish green.

Another extremely rare phenomenon is that of chameleon diamonds. These diamonds are green diamonds that have the ability to change their colours when exposed to varying light and temperature intensities, but are twice as rare as the usual green diamonds.

Enhance your outfit with these jaw-dropping vivid green diamond jewellery.

Brown Diamonds

Brown diamonds are the rising stars of the coloured diamond industry. They represent sophistication. While brown diamonds boast the rarity and beauty of fancy coloured diamonds, they don’t come with as hefty a price. In fact, their cost can be far more affordable than diamonds in other colours, such as blue or pink.

Ranging from light to fancy, deep and dark often accompanied by a touch of orange, yellow and even pink, these diamonds in high demand. Chocolate Brown, Cognac and Champagne are just a few of the names related to the brown diamond family.

Many stars, including Rihanna, Sarah Jessica-Parker, Jennifer Lopez and style icon, Gisele Bundchen, have be known to wear this spectacular diamond. You’ll be in good company with the purchase of this breath-taking diamond.

Brown diamonds represent Mother Earth and create a warm feeling of nature.

Grey Diamonds

Grey diamonds have a very timeless and distinguished appearance. Being a neutral colour, grey diamonds complement just about anything, which means they pair well with whatever you are wearing.

The colour grey also represents knowledge and intellect, qualities synonymous with our parents. have. Gifting grey diamonds to them ensure a legacy that is treasured and can be handed down generation after generation.

A grey diamond can be very elegant and subtle

Orange Diamonds

According to the GIA, pure orange diamonds, otherwise known as ‘fire diamonds’, are extremely rare which makes it the most expensive in the world. Typically, these stones have secondary colours in them, such as yellow, that make their orange hue less intense. GIA noted that diamonds with such a strong orange hue don’t usually exceed three of four carats once they are polished. This famous orange record-breaking stone, The Orange, sold for 32.6 million Swiss francs in 2013!

Amongst the rarest diamonds in the world, orange diamonds are deeply cherished.

Red Diamonds

The most valuable of all diamond colours, red diamonds are rare and scarcely available on the diamond market. They are a symbolic meaning of strength and confidence.

The earliest red diamond that was discovered was the one carat Halphen Red found in the 18th century. Red diamonds are normally found in smaller sizes. The biggest known example -The Moussaieff Red- weighs only 5.11 carats. Red diamonds have been found in Australia, Brazil and Africa. There are less than 20 red diamonds in the world. Consequently, the demand for this highly valued colour far exceeds supply.

The Moussaieff red diamond is the largest red diamond in the world today.

Black Diamonds

Black diamonds signify authority, power, strength, certainty, and passion. They are mostly found in Central Africa and Brazil. With a weight of 121.32 carats, the Shaan-e-Kolkata is the currently the largest natural black diamond in the world. Carmen Electra was presented with a 2-carat black solitaire engagement ring from husband Rob Patterson. It’s unique and perfectly blends with edgy style of this celebrity couple.

Black diamonds have been revered for their unique beauty.

Diamonds can be set into jewellery, or fitted onto cuff links or on tie clips or tie tacks. From delicate pink diamonds that radiate femininity to black diamonds that signify masculinity, diamonds make the perfect gift for both women and men.

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