There is nothing new or rebellious about men wearing jewellery to stand out in a crowd. From the heavy gold chains adorned by ancient Sumerian rulers to the elaborate diamond necklaces beloved by Indian maharajas, and later the exquisite pocket watches favoured by wealthy Victorian gentlemen, men of every era have always embraced jewellery.

Antique pocket watch in his hand

But today’s men have made accessorizing so mainstream that they almost put women to shame. Here are some essential pieces of jewellery for any man who wants to up their chain game, together with tips to make the most out of your man-baubles.


Diamond earrings for men are a must have for the true hip hop.

Most men are piercing both ears rather than just the one-ear trend that used to be in vogue. Diamond studs remain a popular and classy option. Studs in silver, stainless steel, 18k white gold, platinum or yellow gold are always a classic style. Hoops are fine, but opt for smaller ones, unless you are going for the pirate aesthetic.


Sparkle with the best Diamond chain.

Chains and pendant have always been popular accessories for men. A platinum or yellow gold chain has an urban look and feel while leather chains with chunky pendants are considered contemporary and artistic. Dog tags, made of stainless steel, titanium or platinum are a popular choice for the more rugged male.


Add some blings to his accessories.

Rings are no longer confined to just wedding bands; and unlike wedding bands, there are no set rules for which hand or finger you adorn. The key is to select one statement piece with a thick band or one that is ornamented with an eye-catching diamond or gem. Try to avoid pinky rings as they are considered pretty tacky. Titanium, platinum and white gold lend a trendy twist to a simple classic band.


Add some swagger to your style with an eye-catching diamond braclet.

Bracelets have enjoyed a revival in men’s fashion accessories. Today’s bracelets are crafted from a variety of materials including white gold, steel, titanium, platinum, rope and leather and can be set with a diamond or gemstone mix. You want to make a statement, but keep it understated – leave the gold chain link bracelets at home with your dad.


A diamond in each cufflink adds a little extra dazzle.

A traditional staple in men’s accessories, cufflinks will never go out of style. Cufflinks are a simple accessory that make a bold statement. They can be worn every day to work or reserved for formal occasions, such as weddings. Cufflinks vary greatly in style and can be designed with fabric, semi-precious stones, carbon fibre, diamonds, white gold, platinum, yellow gold or rose gold. With so many styles to choose from, cufflinks can be the perfect way to express your personality in a playful yet subtle manner.

Whether you’re a man looking to get his bling on or a lady at her wits’ end searching for a gift for the special men in her life, jewellery is always the perfect gift for any occasion. With Father’s Day around the corner, do consider some trendy men’s jewellery that everyone, from your dignified dad to your deserving spouse, will treasure as an enduring and endearing gift.

Happy Father’s Day!

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