A white gold with diamond earring jewellery

Metals play an important and major part in the making of jewellery. Choosing the correct metal not only affects the quality and durability of the piece but in some cultures, metals also showcase the status of the person wearing the jewellery.

Choosing the right metal for your jewellery might be a little daunting for some while others may find it a breeze. It is important for anyone purchasing or crafting the jewellery to have a basic understanding of the different types of metals available in the industry.

We at Christophe Jewellery would like to introduce you to the major metal players in the industry. Smoothen your search for that perfect ring, bracelet, necklace or other custom pieces! In Singapore, 18-carats yellow, white and rose gold are widely available. PT950 Platinum is also another metal that can be used to make your jewellery. Titanium is however, not available for crafting in Christophe Jewellery.


Gold has been the preferred choice of metal in jewellery making for centuries. Gold is not only favoured by the ladies but is also popular with the men. Gold is widely regarded as bringing class and recognition to the person donning it. This is why gold is commonly used as part of engagement rings, wedding rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets or even medals and statues.

Though there are many types of gold available in the market, the most popular has always been yellow gold, followed by white gold then rose gold. These are most commonly available in 18-carats for jewellery making, as they are considered more durable for daily usage as well for crafting with gemstones and diamonds. The different carats represent the varying percentages of pure gold in the metal. The higher the carat, the more durable the jewellery will be.

Let us look at the different types of gold in more detail.

Yellow Gold

18-carat yellow gold consists of gold, alloy and sometimes silver. 24-carat yellow gold jewellery is made of pure gold. Though not the most durable due to its pure nature, there are clients who prefer it to alloys with other metals in the mixtures.

A yellow gold diamond bangle jewellery

White gold

White gold consists of zinc, palladium, silver and other compositions. This combination makes it durable and resistant to tarnishing. Adding palladium gives the white gold its ‘white’ colour. However, white gold requires platinum or rhodium plating to maintain its strength. Once the plating wears off, white gold can turn back to slightly yellowish which will require plating again to return to it’s original white.

A white gold with diamond earring jewellery

Rose gold

Rose gold consists of gold and copper. This combination gives the metal a pretty pink hue. A higher percentage of copper would create a darker pink tone but it also makes the metal more difficult to work with. Rose gold can darken after long years of wearing due to oxidization. Be sure to use an experienced jeweller when choosing rose gold as part of your custom jewellery piece.

An intricately designed rose gold ring by Christophe Jewellery

Above is a customised diamond, set in rose gold by Christophe Jewellery. This type of rings is widely sort after by clients due to their durability and exquisiteness.


Platinum is a white, silvery metal that is quite rare. It is considered more precious than gold as it can be used almost in its pure form. Even though it looks similar to white gold, it is more durable and has a higher density than gold and does not require any plating. This explains why platinum is significantly more expensive than white gold.

Platinum is becoming popular in the jewellery industry, especially among the wealthier clients. Its sophisticated and sleek look imbues the wearer with prestige. However, only PT950 can be customised in Singapore. When customising, do make sure that the size is correct. Any alteration after setting the diamond may cause the jewellery to crack due to its strength and durability.

A platinum ring with diamond on a clear brilliant white background


Titanium is a silvery metal. It is known to be the hardest metal in the world. It is three times stronger than steel but very light weight compared to other metals. Due to its strong nature, titanium is resistant to scratches, making it suitable for crafting durable jewellery and is often favoured by men. However, its strength also means that titanium rings cannot be resized easily, unlike the other precious metals. Pure titanium is 100% hypoallergenic making it safe for anyone to wear it. Titanium is not available for crafting in Christophe Jewellery.

A titanium set with diamond wedding ring

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