Buying a piece of diamond jewellery can be both an exciting and daunting task -It is more than just going into a store, picking the one you like and paying for it. It is not a pretty picture when you are one of those dazed customers being preyed upon by commissioned salesmen. Unless you are a professional gemologist, how can you know that the diamond you are buying is truly a quality one?

Here are 6 tips to help you get that most beautiful sparkle worth your money!

  1. Decide Your Budget
    Establish a budget in mind. This is important. It will save you from anxiety and make the entire buying process more enjoyable. Let us at Christophe Jewellery show you that there’s a stunning piece of diamond jewellery for every budget. And boy, will you be thrilled!

    Establish a budget in mind when buying a diamond.

  2. Understand the 4Cs
    Diamonds are graded according to the 4Cs; Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat (weight). Although each of the Cs is signifcant, our expert, Eileen Toh, suggests never to compromise on cut grade. Do not be confused with shape. A cut describes how attractively a diamond will sparkle when it hits the light. Investing in an excellent cut grading is most recommended since it guarantees supreme brilliance and adds additional life to your diamond. So, invest a little more effort and time in understanding the 4Cs. Read up more on All about Diamonds before returning here again.

    Invest a little more effort and time in understanding the 4Cs.

  3. Define the style
    Trends come and go, so be careful when selecting these trendier, bolder options. For buyers who are more traditional, the classic solitaire pendant will be most suitable. Try to choose something that is more versatile and easily matches well with your existing wardrobe, to avoid having to wear it strictly for special occasions. Think about your taste, lifestyle and job to determine what is most appropriate. It needs to be versatile, especially if it is a gift.

    Choose something that matches with your existing wardrobe.

  4. Determine the metal
    If you want your diamond jewellery to stand the test of time, your best bet is to learn more about the different metals. Understand how to choose the most appropriate metal for your diamond here. You will learn which types of metals are less prone to scratches, and which will not tarnish so easily.

    Choose the most appropriate metal for your diamond.

  5. Choose the correct setting
    A flattering setting can minimize the flaws in diamonds. Even the colour and sparkle of a diamond, can be enhanced by a great setting. For example, bezel settings hold stones in place by encircling them with metal strips, concealing a good portion of the diamond. The more of your diamond a mounting covers, the less light enters your stone. This will cause the diamond to have less brilliance and its flaws may become more noticeable. Raised settings may not be suitable for someone who works with their hands a lot and could thus snag the jewellery (e.g. ring) causing it to break or damage. Do take note that the type of setting will also play a part in the price because different settings come with different prices.

    A flattering setting can minimize the flaws in diamonds.

  6. Buying from a wholesaler
    This is perhaps one of the most important factors in getting the diamond for your dollars. It is a known fact that wholesale prices will be much lesser than those offered by retails. This is no different in the diamond industry. Finding a retailer with very low overheads and low prices will ensure more of your dollars go to your diamond. Why part your money on polished floors, fancy display cabinets, elaborate store interiors, and commissions to salespersons? So, be prudent when you buy diamonds. Contact us at Christophe Jewellery, to secure great deals on the best wholesale diamonds today!

    Create custom jewellery that’s as unique as you are!

    With these tips, you can now create custom jewellery that’s as unique as you are! Just bring us your idea – we can work from a sketch, snapshot, family heirloom or even a description. With your approval, our master craftsman will cast the design, set your diamonds and hand-finish your masterpiece to perfection, bringing it to life!

    Call Ms Eileen Toh, our expert from Christophe Jewellery to learn more.

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