A solitaire engagement ring may be a classic choice but most modern brides want to showcase their personality with unique custom pieces. Have a look at these latest trends to get some inspiration for your bespoke engagement ring.

  1. Colourful Diamonds
    Much ado is made of the colour and clarity of a diamond but colourful diamonds have become an increasingly popular choice for engagement rings. Yellow and pink, and even an ultra-modern black diamond make a bold statement.

  2. Colourful Gemstones
    A centre stone doesn’t have to be a diamond. Many young brides are opting for offbeat gemstones to add a touch of uniqueness. Stones such as opals and alexandrite give off a multi-dimensional luminescence that is trendy yet timeless.

  3. Intricate Side Views
    In today’s Instagram and Pinterest culture, elaborate details on the sides of the band make your ring look amazing from all angles in your photos — even without any filters. Monogrammed side settings such as initials or love notes lend a subtle yet sentimental touch.

  4. Floral Accents
    Flowers, petals, vines add a whimsical touch to the classic diamond ring. Intricate details such as delicate diamond vines climbing up the band and whorls of petal-like diamonds, bestow femininity and romance — the jewellery equivalent of a dozen perfect red roses.

  5. Marquise-cut and Pear-shaped Diamonds
    Ascher and princess cut diamonds are arguably the most popular centre stones today. However with vintage nostalgia, everything old becomes new again and pear-shaped and marquise-cut diamonds are making a comeback. Bonus— these cuts slim and elongate your fingers—for that perfect “I’m engaged” selfie.

  6. Mixed Metal Halos
    The halo ring is a setting that envelops a centre stone in a circle of tiny diamonds, which reflect light back on the centre stone, adding more bling to your ring. Yellow gold, rose gold or platinum are all becoming increasingly popular in engagement ring settings. A contrasting halo gives a trendy upgrade to a classic diamond ring.

  7. Rose Gold
    Rose gold is making a huge comeback. The soft rosy blush flatters all skin tones and contrasts beautifully with a classic solitaire diamond. Although it’s really trendy now, rose gold’s antique and timeless look means it can be passed on as a precious family heirloom through the ages.

  8. Three-stone Settings
    Three-stone setting features two side diamonds that accentuate the size and brilliance of the centre diamond. Also known as trinity or trilogy rings, the three diamonds represent the past, present and future and are the perfect combination of sparkle and symbolism — the ideal choice for a bride who is deep but also loves her bling.

  9. Split Shank
    A pavé band is a perennial favourite among brides. What’s better than a single band of diamonds? Two bands! It’s twice as pretty and gives any engagement ring a more elegant, architectural feel. Split shank engagement rings feature a band that diverges into two strands as it reaches the crown to accentuate the size of the centre stone.

  10. Vintage Designs
    Antique and vintage-inspired engagement rings are very popular right now. This Victorian or Art Deco inspired setting has found favour with hipsters and hippies alike, and for good reason — they are timeless, glamourous and nostalgic.

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