You may have heard the adage, old is gold. But what if you’re not happy with the gold you currently have? The most obvious option is to go running to the nearest jewellery store to feast your eyes upon rows and rows of sparkly gems to buy a new bauble. After all, it’s the new year and what better way to face the challenges and celebrations it brings than to adorn yourself in jewellery?

But hold up! Why not work with something you may already have instead? With gold prices at astronomical rates these days there is no better time to revisit and revamp your existing collection — why pay a bomb for an impersonal, mass-produced trinket when you can shop your own stash to create a one of a kind, exquisite piece of art for you, by you?

Refresh old jewellery collectionOld pendent that can be reset

Not only do you have the opportunity to revamp your own collection, you can also conveniently hop onto the vintage bandwagon — one of the biggest trends in jewellery in recent years — and join the ranks of celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Selena Gomez. Or perhaps, it’s a golden opportunity to restore and repair a beloved family heirloom so that the generations to come can continue to treasure it.

So now that you have all the reasons to reset and or redesign your jewellery, how exactly do you go about creating your unique masterpiece or restoring a cherished heirloom? You could always pay a visit to Christophe Jewellery where luxury meets affordability and our master craftsmen can turn the design of your dreams into reality.

Resetting diamondsAll sizes of diamonds can be reset

No stone is too small or large to be reset. At Christophe Jewellery, we will work with you to create a unique, customised design as well as find the perfect pre-cast setting for your existing stones. All designs can be recreated and modified for your stones or we can create something entirely new — just for you.

Clueless about where to begin? We can and will help you find the perfect piece of jewellery for all occasions. She has 100% customer satisfaction. At Christophe Jewellery, quality, service and value are our top priorities. All budgets welcome. Our custom designs are versatile, elegant, and always reflective of you. Customers can choose from Platinum, Yellow, Rose and White Gold to reset and redesign their jewellery. Whether contemporary, traditional or vintage, at Christophe Jewellery, we can help you create the perfect setting for heirloom and brand-new jewellery alike.


Heirloom jewellery reset to modern, wearable pieces


Heirloom jewellery reset to modern, wearable pieces

From faded and out-dated to fabulous — this old jade heirloom has been redesigned to a beautiful, shiny new bracelet and earring set, fringed with diamonds.

Update unwearable heirlooms — some people want to keep the elements of an existing piece, as a reminder of their history. However, taste does evolve, and many feel the need to refresh or refurbish items that have been passed down from parents, in-laws or grandparents, so they can add their own personal touch to the pieces. Tradition is all well and good but when your baubles look like they’d be more at home in a museum than on your person, perhaps it’s time to try a breathe new life into them.

Christophe Jewellery specializes in reworking heirloom stones into new, updated mountings. You keep the sentiment of your vintage piece, but lose the old-fashioned look — have your cake and eat it too!

A beautiful Mother’s Ring

Or start your own tradition — every piece of jewellery has a story, why not make it yours? Remaking vintage jewellery into a Mothers Ring is a brilliant way to respect the past while celebrating future generations. Mothers Rings usually have one large, central stone to symbolize the mother and a smaller stone for each child, often chosen for the child’s birth month. A favourite gem from your mother or grandmother could work as the mother-stone and become a fitting homage to that special woman in your life, while the accompanying stones are wearable proof of how cherished your own children are.

Upcycle and refurbish old jewellery

Upcycle — redesigning is also an excellent way to ‘upgrade’ if you bought smaller items at a young age, and now have come into your own, both in career and in age, and want to wear jewellery as more of a statement piece. Personal style evolves over time. There’s no reason your jewellery shouldn’t celebrate your growth and successes and reflect the stylish person you are today.


Old jewellery reset into new stunning designs


Old jewellery reset into new stunning designs

Old jewellery aggregated and reset into two new stunning rings — you might find yourself surprised at the finished creation!

Aggregate old pieces — if you own mismatched earrings, an old cocktail ring or an ornate brooch that screams the ’80s, let Christophe Jewellery combine them all into one fabulous new creation. Many people are tempted to sell these but this is usually the worst course of action. Second hand jewellers base their buying prices on scrap metal values even when the piece is in perfectly good condition. Often they will not add value to the price they pay if there are gemstones in the ring! However, when you redesign or reset the jewellery instead, the finished piece is usually worth the same, if not more, than the original piece. Moreover, you get to wear and enjoy your custom jewellery instead of letting those pieces lay forgotten, unused and collecting dust in some drawer.

So whether you want to refresh an heirloom or create your own, upcycle an old piece to reflect your current style, make the most of your collection or simply want new jewellery without paying a fortune, resetting your existing pieces is the way to go this new year. Visit Christophe Jewellery today where we turn your every desire into one of a kind designs.

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