The day has finally come for you to ask that all-important question! Choosing the right engagement ring can make the huge difference between a “YES!” and an “Err…Yes”.

As the wedding proposal is likely going to be one of the most memorable occasions in both yours and your fiancée’s lives, it definitely pays to pay full attention to these 11 tips we have for you here.

Tip 1: Finding out your fiancée’s preferences

Does she prefer something plain or fancy, large or small? Is she traditional, classic or modern? You may be able to find out more by asking her family and close friends, or summing up her tastes from the clothes and jewellery she typically wears.

Bonus tip: Check out this article on how to find the right diamond to match her personality!

Tip 2: Choosing the right band

The band is the part of the ring that circles around your fiancée’s finger. This can be made of a number of different metals such as yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum. Choosing the right metal is important because it affects the quality and durability of the band. To know which metal would be most suitable for your fiancée, click here.

Rose gold consists of gold and copper and has a pretty pink hue that looks great on most Asian skin.

Tip 3: Choosing the right setting

Setting refers to the piece that is attached to the band and holds the diamond in place. You can choose between “pronged” or “invisible”. Pronged settings provide a secure look and it enhances the shape of round brilliant cut diamonds. In invisible settings, the metal beneath it holds the gemstones securely. Share your taste and preferences with our expert, Eileen from Christophe Jewellery, who will suggest the right setting for you.

You can choose between “pronged” (left) and “invisible” (right) settingsYou can choose between “pronged” (left) and “invisible” (right) settings

Tip 4: Choosing the right ring size

You would want to avoid the awkward moment when you can’t fit the ring into her finger. Hence, it is important that you do your homework. There are a few approaches to this: one way is to take the less reliable estimation approach by looking at her finger and determining whether it is bigger or smaller than the average size of 9. Another way is to choose a larger size and have it resized later. You could find an insider who might have an idea on the ring size she wears. Her mom, best friend or sister may know or can work their magic to find her ring size without her suspecting a thing.

Tip 5: Choosing a good jeweller

A jeweller can serve as an adviser to you in the whole purchasing process so that you are satisfied with your purchase. Be sure to choose a good one — it may be through recommendations from your friends and family, or from positive online reviews.

Choosing a good jeweller can take away the stress from your purchasing process

Tip 7: Determining your budget

You should select a ring you can afford, so be sure to determine your budget before making your selection. That said, you shouldn’t let the price stop you from proposing! At Christophe Jewellery, we source our diamonds directly from producers, so that you can be sure you are getting the best value for your money.

It is important to determine your budget before beginning your selection process

Tip 8: Considering the practicality of the ring

If your fiancée is an outdoor type, consider a ring that can cope with the wear and tear of constant activities. Opting for a lower positioning of the diamond (lower setting) makes it less likely to get caught on clothes and hair, and is probably more suitable for the active girl.

Tip 9: Knowing your diamonds

Knowing your diamonds would help you make an informed choice. Read more about the 4 Cs of diamonds here.

Learning more about diamonds can help you make an informed decision

Tip 10: Choosing the right cut

Cut refers to the shape of the diamond. The cut determines how brilliantly the diamond sparkles under light. There are 10 cuts and each cut may be tied to a certain personality type. If you wish to choose the cut based on your fiancée’s personality or preference, find out more here.

Cushion cut (left) diamonds are ideal for women who prefers an antique look while the Princess cut (right) is known to appeal to traditional womenCushion cut (left) diamonds are ideal for women who prefers an antique look while the Princess cut (right) is known to appeal to traditional women

Tip 11: Asking for a certificate of authenticity

Congrats on having found the perfect engagement ring! There’s one last thing to take note of before getting down on your knees for that long awaited proposal – remember to ask for a certificate of authenticity for the diamond. The certificate would indicate the specifications of the diamond and will give you a peace of mind about the diamond’s authenticity.

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